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Tradesale (Open to the Public)


Our dedication to helping you escape unnecessary costs and benefit from affordable meat at wholesale prices has earned us a strong reputation amongst our customers.

Want Export Quality Meat at Discount Prices?
Opened in October 2011, following a dip in trade, due to the recession and hard trading times, we had the idea “Lets open to the public, and sell them the meat at wholesale price”. We dedicated a large area of the factory, filled it with refrigeration and loaded the shelves with thousands of pounds of cut price meat. We opened the door on that day and the people started coming… and coming, and coming!

“Lets open to the public, and sell them the meat at wholesale price”
Word started spreading! With that as well as personal recommendation being our best advertisement we regularly have thousands of people every weekend coming to see what bargains they can pick up, what offers we can temp them with and what we can save their hard earned money on!

With many items up to half the regular supermarket prices whilst not cutting on quality or service it’s no surprise customers keep coming back!

When you get 5 minutes come and give us a look and we’re sure you’ll be amazed too.
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